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Mark Mori

Director/Producer Mark Mori is an Academy Award-nominated (Building Bombs), Emmy Award-winning (Kent State, The Day the War Came Home) documentary filmmaker and former labor organizer.  His feature documentary, Bettie Page Reveals All, won Best Documentary (Garden State and Cine-Kink Film Festivals), was released theatrically in the US (2013-14) and continues in worldwide distribution.

Bob Judson

Producer/Shooter/Editor Bob Judson is an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker with 35 years of experience in production, editing, post-production and project management. 

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Monica Matulich

Producer Monica Matulich has 20 years of experience as a documentary

film producer, consultant and publicist, including for #10 DeSean Jackson:

The Making of a Father’s Dream.

Brandyn Cross

Writer, Brandyn Cross has 15 years of experience as a television writer. He is a wheelchair reliant, high-functioning autistic activist. Brandyn, a former railroad engineer and union member, lost his leg due to a preventable accident at work because of his employer’s negligence for which his employer was later found culpable in a civil suit. 

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Kirsten Larvick

Archival Producer/Editor, Kirsten Larvick is an experienced filmmaker, archivist and researcher. 

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