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The documentary delves into the lives of the baristas, highlighting their struggles and personal stories, as well as the challenges they face in their efforts to unionize. Through extensive research and access to public records, the film sheds light on the illegal firings and intense pushback that the baristas faced from Schultz's corporate power.


As the baristas unite under Starbucks Workers United (SWU), they lead strikes and protests, all while facing incredible obstacles and risks. The film captures the courage and determination of the baristas as they navigate a hostile environment and confront the power of corporate America.


The film also explores the wider social and political implications of the baristas' struggle, examining the role of unions and collective action in American society. The documentary shows how Schultz's attempt to crush the union backfires, leading to a pro-union vote in Buffalo, NY, that quickly spreads to over 300+ stores across the country.


Through a heavy reliance on facts and an investigative approach, The Baristas vs The Billionaire presents a comprehensive and nuanced portrayal of the fight for workers' rights. The documentary challenges viewers to consider the rewards and challenges of collective action against corporate power, and ultimately, to recognize the importance of standing up for dignity and

respect in the workplace.

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